Scott Demeules

Web Designer & Developer

So, Tell Us About Yourself...

My Mission

My goal is to provide various methods for everyday entrepreneurs to bring their ideas to life, and to market those ideas. Today, there are many websites that can put your information into one of their templates, but they can be confusing and hard to customize. If you'd like a more personalized experience, someone who can capture your true identity, then you need a web designer!

My Passion

My favourite things on this planet are food, sports, nature, technology, and music! Without even a single item from the list, my life simply wouldn't feel complete. I'm also extremely passionate about photography, gaming, reading, and writing. If you ever get the opportunity to meet me, make sure I have the time to make you some Scottchos! Trust me, they're something you won't soon forget!

My Dream

I hope that one day I will build a business that provides a better work environment for as many people as possible. I've met so many amazing people along my journey who have given me tremendous amounts of inspiration. With their help, and all that's yet to come, I know we will make something great! I love the country I live in and the opportunities it has given me, and I dedicate myself to giving back.

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Technical Assistance

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What Are You Working On?

A screenshot of the homepage of MC Rolston's website for her children's stories.

Fairy Dazzle

A personal website designed for MC Rolston, an author in Victoria, BC. This project was a site redesign and was rebuilt using WordPress with a new theme to modernize the site while making it more interactive and visual.

Fairy Dazzle

Odette Laroche Art - WIP

A website built to display information about Odette Laroche's art gallery in Sidney, BC. This project was a site redesign where we transitioned from a free Weebly site to a paid WordPress theme.

Odette Laroche Art
A screenshot of the homepage of Odette Laroche's website for her art gallery.
A screenshot of the homepage of the Youth Sports Production website.

Youth Sports Productions - WIP

Currently under construction, this site is being developed in WordPress using a paid theme. YSP is located in Victoria, BC, and covers the island.

Youth Sports Production

Man Wah Aluminum - WIP

A new WordPress build using a paid theme developed for Man Wah Aluminum in Vancouver, BC. Awaiting more text content and imagery to complete the build.

Man Wah Aluminum
A screenshot of the homepage of the website for Man Wah Aluminum in Vancouver, BC.
A screenshot of the homepage of Scott Demeules' website containing a massive collection of information about the video game Super Smash Bros.

All Things Smash - WIP

An extensive collection of information to help refine and perfect your skills in Super Smash Bros Wii U. Satisfy your Smash Bros appetite! This is a personal site and was built from scratch with pure HTML5 & CSS3.

All Things Smash

Provide Us More Detail About Your Services...


I build my personal projects using pure HTML5, CSS3, and a small bit of jQuery when needed. This helps me to keep current with the latest trends, since I constantly need to go back to refresh my code any time major changes are released (ie. Floats to Flexbox). For client work, I prefer to work with WordPress, which I feel has the most pros to cons from the major CMS offerings. I also have experience with Weebly and Wix, but I'm currently hesistant recommending Weebly. My preferred hosting is Dreamhost, as they've provided me years of excellent service.

Social Media

Social Media Management is becoming more cumbersome by the day, and the desire for greater quality is beginning to grow. It's also one of the best ways to reach an audience, and shouldn't be taken lightly. Through the process of getting to know a client and building their website, I gain information along the way that is useful to tailoring personalized marketing content. From my experience, this has led wonderfully into managing social media accounts after a site build is completed, all while adding consistency to the feel of the brand. It also provides more time to focus elsewhere!


While the technological takeover is in full effect, traditional branding materials are still extremely important to any business. Have you ever been caught talking about your product/services, but you didn't have a business card to give them after? Trust me, it's not a good look. I offer an all-in-one option which includes the design, the printing (done locally in Victoria), and the delivery of the materials. Alternatively, you can buy the design exclusively, provided in the required format, leaving you the freedom to have them printed through your preferred option. All designs done using Adobe CC apps.

Technology Coaching

My love for technology combined with my passion for learning and teaching could be the perfect fit for helping you to gain a better understanding of how things work. Whether it be setting up new products, navigating through the software, or some deeper understanding of the processes at work, I'm willing to offer personalized lessons for those in need!

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