Scott Demeules

Web Designer & Developer

So, Tell Us About Yourself...

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My Mission

My goal is to provide methods for entrepreneurs to bring their ideas to life, and to market those ideas online. There are many websites that can put your information into one of their templates, but if you'd like a more personalized experience, you need a web designer!

My Passion

My favourite things on this planet are food, sports, travel, and music! I'm also extremely passionate about photography, gaming, and writing. If you ever get the opportunity to meet me, make sure I make you some Scottchos! Trust me, they're something you won't soon forget!

My Dream

I hope one day I will create a product that provides a better way of life for our society. I've met so many amazing people along the way, who have given me tremendous amounts of inspiration. With their help, and all that's yet to come, I know we will make something great!

A keyboard and some coffee.

What Kind of Work Have You Done?

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Provide Us More Detail About Your Skills...

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I aim to write clean, clear, and efficient HTML5 code that follows the latest industry standards. Building a beautiful website takes time, and I believe some of that time should be dedicated to ensuring that the code behind the site is just as nice to view!

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I follow the same standard of HTML5 coding with my CSS. My sites are responsive and mobile friendly, and I have a deep understanding and love for colour theory and design principles. This knowledge helps to add a personal touch to your content!

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I have previous experience with JavaScript, jQuery, and jQuery Mobile, and I understand when to work with the languages to achieve a feature necessary for a website. One example you'll find on this page is the slider function in the skills section above.

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Out of all of the programming languages used in web, PHP is certainly my favourite to work with. I have used it to build dynamic sites from scratch such as a blog and an image gallery. I have also used CodeIgniter to build my own basic CMS for a class project.

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WordPress is my preferred Content Management System. I have experience with free and paid themes, as well as building a theme from scratch. My latest project was Fairy Dazzle, which was developed using a paid theme and I currently still maintain.

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Responsive & Mobile Friendly

I develop my websites following the "mobile-first" principle, which ensures the website looks great on all viewports. My experience as a sales consultant working for Bell Mobility has helped me to understand how people like to access content on their phones.

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The power of Google extends into many aspects of our lives now, and a high ranking on a Google search can be make or break for a website's traffic. I make sure to keep up-to-date with Google's SEO documentation to ensure my sites rank as highly as possible on every search.

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One of my biggest passions outside of design is photography. I own my camera equipment, and I'm currently working on building a portfolio to feature my work. I also have great experience in Photoshop with skills in editing, panorama stiching, and HDR merging.

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Another one of my favourite pastimes is writing! Whether it be formal or informal, give me a topic and I'm always willing to write about it. I also like to keep current with the latest trends, and use suitable language that is appropriate and relatable to the target audience.

How Can We Contact You?

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[email protected]