Scott Demeules

Scott Demeules

A picture of Scott Demeules with his arms crossed and sunglasses on with blue skies and grassy hills in the background.

Web Designer & Developer

An edited photo of Scott Demeules with a filter that makes him appear to be from an old comic book.

An Introduction

As you probably know by now, my name is Scott Demeules. I was born in September of 1991, so I'm just beginning my third decade. I was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, but was only there for less than a year before my family moved to Chilliwack, BC. I made it as far as pre-school in Chilliwack before moving to Edmonton, Alberta, for kindergarten. As a side note, my parents served in the military for 20+ years, hence all the moves. After Edmonton, we left for North Bay, Ontario, for a single year and then relocated to Victoria, BC. That only scratches the surface of all my moves, but it was in Victoria where I found the place where I wanted to be.

I studied Web Design and Development at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT) in Edmonton and graduated in the spring of 2016. Post-graduation, I've continued to bounce between Alberta and BC, and I currently reside in beautiful Victoria. For me, the ideal setup is being surrounded by nature yet having all the amenities a city offers. Part of why I love the island life is the level of adventure and abundance of inspiration to be found. A majority of the pictures that I've taken that I'm most proud of are the product of simple day trips exploring a new area with friends. With so much to see, it's all a game of trying to find the right angle/frame.

The Nitty Gritty

What truly keeps me going is discovering and experiencing new things. Nothing makes me happier. My thirst for adventure has taken me down some difficult roads, but it has also brought me to places I never could've imagined. I certainly believe that humans are meant to travel, at least a little bit. In my eyes, staying in the same place forever is no different than being trapped in a cage, and I prefer to see what's outside of the walls. This sense of adventure also exists in my daily life, which is evident in my eating and drinking habits. The craft beer scene that's flourishing on the island is a prime example. I'm the type to experiment with as many beers as possible, focusing primarily on a few styles, to refine my knowledge of them. This methodology has helped me understand flavour in a much different way, and is slowly becoming a new passion!

To sum it all up, I'd say I'm trying to make the most I can out of this life, while figuring out the best way possible. Everything I do is in hopes of making something better, whether it be for someone else, or simply for myself. Since I was young, I've been the type to analyze things and to question why they work. This causes me to adapt and evolve through constantly questioning my methods to achieve maximum efficiency. I believe in systems and traditions, however, I also acknowledge that things can always be improved. Actively avoiding innovation benefits no one in the long term, and with the exponential growth we're currently experiencing, there is no better time than now. Improving our current systems is inevitable, I want to be on the side contributing to those changes. It should go without saying that if we all lend a hand to someone around us who is in need, this world will become an even better place than it already is. So, I'm trying to support whatever it is people want to do to be happy, as long as it doesn't harm anyone else! If learn to grow together, we become a stronger society, and a more united country.

A photo with an 8-bit filter of Scott Demeules with headphones on at his desk.
An edited photo selfie of Scott Demeules on top of a mountain with the city of Victoria in the background.

Novia Media

After years of pondering what I wanted to do and the various failed attempts that came with it, it now seems that I've finally found the path that feels right. Near the beginning of 2020, I began acquiring the name and license for my business, and thus Novia Media was born. While I still have a long path to see my dream become a reality, it feels great to have something productive and beneficial to invest my time.

Through web dev and my business, I can harness my various interests that span over many different industries into one focused plan. I hope to help people use the tools that our technology provides to improve their daily lives. Whether it be through advertising a business/venture with a website or setting up a Discord server to help people connect and share their ideas, I look at myself as a mobile tech department that's available to those who may otherwise lack access. Instead of viewing tech as an obstacle, I hope to help you see a vision where tech is an ally to help you achieve your dreams.